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Successful Mastermind Asatru(ar) Reflection Team 

S.M.A.R.T. is your community to help foster your success, leverage the collective knowledge, and attain your greatest potential!


Starting soon! - Wednesday, May 20th








We have been gifted by our noble Gods with the abilities to survive and to THRIVE. We do not accept a legacy of mediocrity to hand down to the next generation. We will perform at a higher level. We will strive harder, hone our focus, and while everyone else is hitting the snooze button, we will have already out performed them for the day!  

We must work together to build a circle of influence and financial power to back it up if we are to throw off the chains of living as a fringe element! The time is now for our Folk to rise and seize a life of prosperity. So that it will become our legacy, inspire and provide the tools to our descendants to keep taking us to the next level as one Folk.

Statistically 8 out 10 businesses fail within the first 18 months. That means that over a 10 year time span, only 4 percent of businesses survive. 

Those statistics are unacceptable for Asatruar.


What will joining your fellow Asatruar here look like for you? 

Members will be paired with entrepreneur peers into families of 4 or 5. Each family member will own a different business, this eliminates competition for the same market. All families meet once a month with each member voicing their current focus on what they are working on within their business. And all members will discuss, brainstorm and share their individual knowledge and expertise to build each member a 30 day action plan for their business. Holding themselves and each other accountable and giving a plan of active focus to the individual. 

Each member will have access to the S.M.A.R.T. Success school. 

Classes such as Web design, Creating a Successful Business Plan, Goal setting, Getting out of Debt, Budgeting, Reclaiming your Physical Health and abundant energy, Spiritual Excellence and the Asatruar path to reclaiming our inheritance. Guest speakers and leaders in their fields. And much more!  

Beware, this is not for the faint of heart. You are required to honor your commitment here to yourself and your fellow members. You will be expected to invest a minimum of 15 hours a month in engagement with your group, course schedule and reading list.


If you are ready to work for it, if you are ready to both receive and reciprocate to your people, then join us! Take your place in the Legacy of your Folk!

Stay updated!